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ECG Telemetry / Monitoring

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ECG Telemetry / Monitoring


  • Up to 48 simultaneous patients live ECG display.
  • Adjustable visual and audible alarms HR, ST, SV runs, Pauses, VT.
  • ECG Holter analysis minute per minute : arythmias, ST, Heart Rate Variability, QT/QTc, AF, Sleep apnea, T-Wave alternance, Vectocardiography

Simplicity = security

  • One central unit with integrated archiving solution.
  • Two monitors : One for the ECG monitoring, one for alarms and holter analysis.
  • Easy and automatic ECG data transmission.
  • programmable WiFi ECG recoder , 3 or 4 electrodes
  • 2 to 6 leads
  • Powered by 4 rechargeable AA batteries


  • ECG transmission in WiFi mode adaptable to most environments and needs. Antenna power adjustable at transmitter and router level.
  • WiFi router for receiving ECG on Station and Access Points allow for extended transmission.
  • iOS app for viewing live ECG and alarms.
  • Remote access: a cardiologist can access the ECG traces from his computer at any time.
General Description

Wifi ECG Recorder

Each patient is equipped with a 2-lead Wifi ECG transmitter, 3 or 4-electrodes patient cable, powered by 4 standard rechargeable AA batteries, for a transmission time of up to 48 hours depending on the required communication range.

Wifi Surveillance Station

A central monitor displays in real time the ECGs of each patient transmitted in wifi mode while analyzing the ECG using algorithms derived from the 30 years expertise in Holter ECG analysis.

ECG Holter Analysis Station

A second monitor imports the ECG data from the monitoring station and performs the Holter ECG analysis minute by minute.

Remote Access

A cardiologist can access at any time to ECG traces in real time as well as to the Holter ECG file in his office. The ECG Holter analysis menus provide the physician with essential information about ECG data that is usually inaccessible to cardiac monitoring.

Unlimited coverage

The addition of WiFi hotspots makes it possible to achieve virtually unlimited ECG signal transmission


Câble Patient 3 fils

Câble Patient 4 fils


Technical Specifications

Emetteur ECG Wifi Modèle DMS 300-2W

  • Dérivations : 2 et 6 voies
  • Câble Patient : 3 ou 4 Electrodes
  • Alimentation: 4xAA-HR6Ni-MH 2.5Ah piles rechargeables
  • Durée jusqu’à 48h
  • Transmission ECG Emetteur DMS 300-2W Mode Wifi IEEE 802.11b. 2.4GHz—11 M/bits
  • Distance jusqu‘à 25m en intérieur, 50m en extérieur d’une antenne
  • Fréquence / Résolution 128 ~512Hz / 8 bit
  • Conditions d’Utilisation 5°c – 40°c , Humidité relative 30 ~ 80%, Pression atmosphérique 860-1060hPa
  • Conditions de Stockage -20°c – 55°c, Humidité relative ≤ 93%, Pression atmosphérique 500-1060hPa
  • Configuration Minimum
    • Processeur Intel i5 ou supérieur
    • Microsoft Windows Windows 7, 8 ou 10
    • RAM 4 Go ou plus
    • HDD type Raid 1 – 2 Disques de 500 Go
    • Carte Video Double Sortie VGA Type ‘Matrox Dualhead Video Card’
    • 2 Moniteurs 19’’ ou plus TFT ou LCD
    • Résolution 1024 x 768 pixels minimum
    • Imprimante laser 600 dpi

Routeur Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n et Points d’Accès Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n pour une couverture étendue en roaming

Cardiovision Serveur

  • Affichage 2 voies ECG 4/8 patients temps réel, et Graphes ST, HRV, FC, ESV/TV, ESSV/ Salves SV, Pauses, QT
  • Alarmes Réglables Visuelles et Sonores Pauses, TV, FC, ST, Salves SV
  • Affichage des alarmes sur Moniteur 2 et PDA temps réel avec impression

Cardiovision Client

  • Analyse Holter ECG 3 voies: Arythmies, ST, HRV, PTV, QT/QTc, FA, SAS, Alternance Onde T, VCG minute par minute
  • Fonctions Export PDF, E-mail, ASCII
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