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30 days / 3G Holter

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Holter jusqu’à 30 jours avec connexion live 3G

Revolution in the Holter World : Live transmission to the hospital up to 30 days!

Nowadays, the recommendations regarding holter ECG are an increasingly long, 7 days to 30 days! If you put 30 days holters on your patients, you will have to wait until the end of the 30 bears before you have the results, and secondly you will only be able to monitor 12 patients per year per recorder!

With the Holter 3G, you can at any time see the patient’s holter tracing. In case of appearance of the searched events, you can recall the patient and place it to another.


Real time ECG display for up to 48 simultaneous patients.
Analysis Holter ECG minute by minute: Arrhythmias, ST, Sinus variablity, QT / QTc, FA, Sleep apnea, Alternating T wave,
Adjustable visual and audible alarms FC, ST, Salves SV, Breaks, TV configurable
Simplicity = security

A central processing unit with integrated archiving function
Two monitors: a monitor for the live view of the ECG, a monitor for Holter analysis.
Transmission of ECG data to the ultra simple and automatic Holter system
3G programmable ECG transmitter, 3 electrodes
3 to 6 leads
Powered by lithium battery (charger supplied)

ECG transmission in 3G mode.
Recorder buffer in case of 3G / GSM signal loss
Remote access: a cardiologist can access the ECG traces of his office at any time.

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