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A New Concept in 1969: The Quantitative Electrocardiography

ardionics SA was founded on 30 April 1969 by the famous Belgian company Union Minière.

Cardionics SA purchased an ECG program developed by IBM in collaboration with a group of American cardiologists from Mount Sinaï Hospital in New York.

Cromed, a sub-company of Chromalloy American Corporation, ensured the distribution of this ECG system (software and hardware) in the USA.

Union Minière and Chromalloy American Corporation decided to found Cardionics SA in order to widespread hardware and software for PC-based ECG signal analysis in Europe.



Part of Société Générale de Banque …until 1989

For 20 years, the history of Cardionics S.A. has been linked to the Belgian company Union Minière (Today Umicore) and Générale de Banque. The shareholding of the company Cardionics S.A. was as follows:

1969-79 : Chromalloy (USA) et Union Minière (Belgium)

1979-82 : Union Minière (Belgium)

1982-86 : Générale de Banque et A.G. (Belgium)

(under the name of Cardionics-Cigass Systems Belgium)

1989-91 : C.S.C. (Computer System Corporate, USA)

1992 – Today: Cardionics Invest (Belgium)

Since 1992, the main shareholder is BGI under the name of of Cardionics Invest.

In 2016, The board of directors is composed of :

  • Cardionics Invest     Delegated Administrator
  • Bernard Graux          Administrator

Our references

Since the beginning of its activities in Belgium, Cardionics was able to establish privileged relations with University Hospitals in Belgium such as ULB Erasme – UCL KUL (RUG) – ULG (Liège) – VUB (Brussels).

In France, Cardionics collaborates in all Congress of Quantitative Electrocardiography  in which Vectorcardiography and averaged ECG (Late Potentials) computer held a prominent place since 1983 until 2001.

Evolution of Cardionics

With this scientific recognition and the development of CarTouch device CARDIONICS S.A. could enter the market of clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies.

CARDIONICS S.A. continues to evolve in the electrocardiographic sector (software and hardware), and through effective partnerships, puts its expertise at the service of new applications (Telemedicine and sports medicine).

In 1992 Cardionics S.A. developed a 15 leads ECG acquisition board, The CardioLogic 15, which installed in a PC, transforms the computer in a powerfull ECG with memory. This evolution interests private cardiologists, hospital centers and preventive medicine centers.

In 2001, the 12 leads ECG device CarTouch was designed to perform an autonomous acquisition, ECG storage and transfer via internet (Telemedicine) to the ECG Central Lab.

Launched in 2002, the 15 leads CardioPlug, records ECG in a slave mode to PC and provides access to all the performance of the PC (speed, memory and network).

The CardioPlug replaces the internal circuit board CardioLogic15 and runs on Microsoft Windows.

Alongside the development of the ECG medical equipment, software is adapted.

  • Cardionics SA developed in 1988 the 3 leads XYZ Stress test on  Microsoft Windows using the CardioLogic15.
  • New 15 leads ECG analysis software.
  • This new version was presented at the “XXI International Congress on Electrocardiography” in Yokohama in July 1994 and a abstract was published in the “Japanese Heart Journal” (Vol 35 Supplement 1994).
  • 1994, Ventricular Late Potentials software on Microsoft Windows.
  • 2000, Cardionics S.A. developed a new ECG interpretative software for 15 simultaneous leads (12 ECG + 3 VCG) for the CarTouch and CardioPlug devices.
  • 2000, Cardionics S.A. launches the Pharma Software Suite including the precise QT calculation for the Clinical Trials. Cardionics established strong partnerships with CRO (phases I and IV).
  • At the same time, Cardionics S.A. developed essential software for the integration of ECG’s in the Hospital network and the ECG transfer to Central Labs.
  • 2009, development of teh ergospirometry VO2Max in partnership with MEC (

Widespread use of networked ECG devices

Demand for our products has increased with the widespread use of computers in hospital medicine.

From 1969 to 1985, the centralized ECG processing on IBM360 involved the installation of analog recorders in the hospital, transferring ECG analog data by phone, reception and A / D conversion at Cardionics center, IBM treatment of the digital tape and return by mail within 24 hours of ECG acquisition.

This approach interested cardiologist for ECG monitoring of hospitalized patients.

With the arrival of IBM PC Compatible, the possibility of processing the electrocardiogram also interested surgeries in order to immediately dispose of the ECG measurement and diagnostic. For this reason Cardionics developed the CardioLogic, an sophisticated ECG recording circuit with a / D converter (12 D).

The enthusiasm of private practices for the PC increases with the first digital solid memory Holters (24H)  that can gradually replace the treatment of tapes. A combination of digital ECG and Holter seduced private cardiologist.

The progressive development of Hospital Information Systems allows the intergration of ECG’s in the patient records.

With new products and several technical and commercial partnerships for distribution, Cardionics SA expands its prospecting area to external markets with a full range of products including ambulatory ECG monitoring for postoperative rehabilitation cardiology, holters, ABPM, tables and ergometers.

Since 2005, with the participation at Arab Health Fair, Cardionics S.A. has conducted operations through distributors or directly to external markets of the Middle East and North Africa (Qatar, Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt,…).

From 2013, CARDIONICS S.A. initiates a commercial prospection in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To date, several hospitals and clinics are equipped with exercise testing and / or Holter whose Monkole Hospital, SOS Médecins de Nuit, Ngaliema Medical Center, Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital and Ngaliema Hospital.

In the US also, Cardionics equip a New Phase I Center for Clinical Trials in 2015.

Le développement vers les marchés extérieurs se fonde sur notre expérience en Belgique où, avec notre collaboration, de nouveaux hôpitaux ont intégré les examens cardiologiques dans leur réseau.

Grâce à son service R/D et à la possibilité de s’adapter à la demande, Cardionics S.A. reste à la disposition d’utilisateurs variés dont l’activité implique la centralisation, le transfert ou l’enregistrement ambulatoire.

En plus de la distribution de produits de qualité, Cardionics S.A. élargit fortement la gamme et sa zone de distribution vers des marchés extérieurs.