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Stress Test

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CardioPlug Stress Test

The CardioPlug stress test is based on a computer system and the CardioPlug USB ECG acquisition device.

Convivial and complete, the CardioPlug stress test allows to pilot a large quantity of ergometers (Ergoline, Ergosana, Trackmaster, Lode, CardioWise,…)

General description
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Digital ECG working on Microsoft Windows
  • ECG interpretation software developped with the “cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc” Brussels
  • Large TFT screen 22’’ recommended
  • 12 leads on screen in real time (1*12, 6*2,1*3) with one rhythm lead
  • Adjustable amplitude and speed
  • Easy adjustment of the event (heart rate calculation)
  • Averaged beats : Calculation and superposition every 5s
  • Emergency ECG function : instant display of the ECG
  • Entire recording (long term ECG)
  • Distincts filters for rest Ecg and stress test.
  • Baseline Filter, low pass filters 33Hz-120Hz, High pass filters 0.05Hz – 0,15Hz and power supply filter 50Hz- 60Hz
  • ST display with calipers on 12 derivations. (ST60 and ST80 calculation)
  • Event recordings
  • Permanent display of the BP, heart rate, maximal heart rate percentage, ST values, time,…
  • Any time print
  • continuous print on 3 or 12 leads
  • 30 user defined protocols
  • Suggested load according to the patient (age, weight and height, sedentary, trained, athletic)
  • Cycloergometers automatic control (stairs or ramp scale)(Ergoline, Ergosana, Ergofit, Daum, easystress, cardiowise et Lode).
  • User can modify the load protocol at any time
  • Treadmill automatic control supporting « HP Cosmos » and «Trackmaster » protocols (most used by everyone)
  • “Suntech” or equivalent BP200 automatic blood pressure acquisition systems compatible
  • Conclusions and complete report possibilities
  • Recall, analysis, and print possibilities for the whole stress test on the 12 leads.
  • Search a patient via nme, patient Id, examination date, status et Examination number.
  • Double archiving system
  • Ventricular Late Potentials software (optionnal)
  • Load and HR target display
  • TTL pulse for external devices (optionnal)
  • Network print capabilities
  • VCG software
  • Real time ECG (without delay)
  • Freeze display function
  • 500.000 ECG, Stress Test and long term ECG memory
  • Learning/demo mode

Ventricular Late Potentials


Stress Test

12 leads ECG cable Snap or banana plugs

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications

ECG Specifications

  • Microsoft Windows based Cardionics rest & stress software
  • Compatible with PC using Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 32/64bit
  • Acquisition : 15 simultaneous leads
  • 12 leads real time ECG monitoring
  • 12 leads real time ECG recording
  • Real time continous ST level and slope graphs on the 12 leads
  • Real time continous averaging and display on the 12 leads
  • Heart Rate display
  • Event recording and printing
  • Manual change of ergometer protocol during the test, jumping to next step or keep the current step
  • Saving long term ECG raw data to review, reprint
  • 30 different ergometer protocols available
  • Screen format selectable : 6×2, 3×4, 12×1, 1×3 + 1 derivation 30s on screen
  • Standard leads : DI, DII, DIII, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1-V6
  • Sampling rate : 1000Hz (10,000Hz from july 2016)
  • Conversion : 16 bits (24 bits from july 2016)
  • Resolution : 0,15µV/bit
  • Cardionics Baseline Filter
  • 50 and 60 Hz filter
  • Upper pass and downpass filters
  • Compatible with most common ergometers protocols such as Trackmaster, HP/Cosmos, Techmed, CardioWise, P10, Ergoline, Ergosana, Lode, Ergo-fit, Daum.
  • Compatible with Suntech Tango+ and Tango M2
  • ECG Trigger in option

Reporting Specifications

  • print-out from a standard A4 printer (laser or inkjet, color or B/W) on standard A4 paper
  • Automatic print selectable : never or rest/max/recovery or every step
  • ST level, ST slope, heart rate measurments on every print-outs
  • Single page conclusion with average beats at rest/max/recovery on the 12 leads with test résumé and doctor’s comment
  • Trend curves (HR, Load, BP, ST level and slope)
  • Measurement table
  • PDF export
  • Separate Print-out and PDF configuration